Women's Finance Day


Women are under-represented in the finance industry. To help reverse this negative trend, the Business Committee (Næringslivsutvalget), the Finance Group (Finansgruppen) and the stock exchange group Femme Forvaltning from the Student Association NHHS are hosting Women’s Finance Day at NHH for the third time.

The purpose of the event is to inform female NHH students about the wide range of opportunities in the finance industry, and to inspire them to choose finance as a career path. The event has received broad support from the management at NHH, the research community and the business community.

The event should not be confused with a career day, as the primary purpose of Women’s Finance Day is to inspire female economics students to pursue a career in the financial sector. The event offers several good networking opportunities.


Woman Finance Day 5

Board of WFD 2021

Head of WFD

Astrid By Raadim is the leader of WFD

Email: wfd.leder@nhhs.no

Mobile: 90555060

Head of Booking

Nanna Kjekstad is head of booking

Email: wfd.booking@nhhs.no

Mobile: 99436364

Head of Information

June Blydt Paulsen is head of information

Email: wfd.info@nhhs.no

Mobile: 41372133

Head of Finance

Kjersti Timland Sveen is head of finance

Email: wfd.oko@nhhs.no

Mobile: 41406110

Head of Event

Maily Ngo is head of event

Email: wfd.arrangement@nhhs.no

Mobile: 99452422

Head of Program

Sophie Gran is head of program

Email: wfd.program@nhhs.no

Mobile: 48607349

Head of Internal Affairs

Helene Tingvold is head of internal affairs

Email: wfd.internansvarlig@nhhs.no

Mobile: 46966571

Head of Banquet

Christine Bugge is head of banquet

Email: wfd.bankett@nhhs.no

Mobile: 40620812