The Entrepreneurship day is a part of the Career fairs and is hosted by the business committee at the Norwegian school of economics (NHH). The Norwegian School of Economics and Business Administration is the leading institution for educating economists in Norway, and has a close relationship with leading companies in a broad spectrum of business sectors. The Entrepreneurship day has its rot back in 2019, with the main goal of connecting the future of business, with some of the best economy students our country has to offer. A good economist is essential for any successful company, and a good tip is to look here!
The Entrepreneurship day is an annual event hosted in September each year. If your startup would like more information, then feel free to contact the board of the Entrepreneurship day.

Meet the team!


Head of entrepreneurship day

Jonathan Opaas is Head of Entrepreneaurship day   


Mobile: 91918511

Design Uten Navn 6

Responsible for program

Carl-Oscar Stoll is responsible for Program              


Mobile: 90476805

Design Uten Navn 3

responsible for market

Erik Myrland is responsible for market                    


Mobile: 40299118

Ingvild Eilertsen (1)

Responsible for company relations

Ingvild Eilertsen is responsible for company relations


Mobile: 90059545

Marie Andersen (1)

Responsible for Event

Marie Andersen is responsible for event                    


Mobile: 97741880

Fam Alexandra (1)

Responsible for booking

Fam Alexandra is responsible for booking               


Mobile: 48203683