The NHH Career Fair is an event hosted by the Business Committee at the Norwegian School of Economics (NHH).
The Norwegian School of Economics and Business Administration is the leading institution for educating economists in Norway, and has a close relationship with leading companies in a broad spectrum of business sectors. The Career Fair has a long tradition of being a sought after meeting place where NHH students can meet potential employers and companies can meet potential employees.
The Career Fair is an annual event, usually hosted in septmember. If you as a company would like more information, then please feel free to contact the Board of the Business Comittee

Board of Career Fair 2021

201012 NU, Natanem Hailu 4

Head of Career Fair

Aksel Andersen is head of the career fair


Mobile: 92662484

201012 NU, Svitlana390

Deputy head and head of Booking

Simon Haakerud is deputy head and head of booking


Mobile: 90845701

201012 NU, Svitlana391

Head of Communication

Karina Rønning is head of communication


Mobile: 48029585

201012 NU, Svitlana388

Head of Finance

Jenny Mathiesen is head of finance                        


Mobile: 92215088

201012 NU, Svitlana392

Head of Program

Louise Røiri is head of program                              


Mobile: 46854290

Henrik Skjæveland

Head of IT

Henrik Skjæveland is head of IT                              


Mobile: 93476762

Frida Munck

Head of event

Frida Munck is head of event                           


Mobile: 46640881    


Head of entrepreneurship day

Jonathan Opaas is head of entrepreneurship day     


Mobile: 91918511