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Søknadsfrist: 01. mars 2019
Cathrine Hornemann
t: +4790532571

Summer Internship 2019

Summer Internship 2019 – Clarksons Platou

Clarksons Platou is the world’s leading Ship- and Offshore broker. The Company is listed on the London Stock Exchange and has its Head Office in London. In addition to Ship- and Offshore broking, the Company also has a significant presence in financial services and investment banking through Clarksons Platou Securities and Clarksons Platou Project Finance.

We are currently looking for Summer Internship candidates within:

•Clarksons Platou Offshore / Chartering and Sale & Purchase

•Clarksons Platou Shipbroking / Sale & Purchase

•Clarksons Platou Offshore & Shipbroking - Market Analysis

For Offshore and Shipbroking we are looking for candidates with a strong commercial and competitive attitude, high working capacity and a genuine interest for pursuing a career as a maritime broker. Canditates should have good social skills, be fluent in English, numeric understanding, self going and have the creativity and potential to become a deal maker.

The Market Analyst teams work integrated with the Ship- and Offshore brokers and conduct in-depth fundamental market-, sector-, and industry analyses of the global Oil, Offshore and Shipping markets. We are looking for candidates with strong analytical capabilities, commercial attitude, social skills and ability to work independently while at the same time be a strong team player. Candidates should be fluent in English and Norwegian.

The Internship positions will be at the Company’s office in Oslo from 17 June till 2 August.

We use our internship program as our main recruitment platform.

Application including CV and all academic records may be submitted within 1st of March to the following persons handling the area of which you as an applicant is interested in:

•Research: Jens Egenberg, +47 92020170,

•Offshore: Wilhelm Blystad, +47 98497445,

•Shipping: Cathrine Hornemann, +47 905 32 571,