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Søknadsfrist: 11. februar 2019

Research and Innovation Strategy project

Start: February 2019
Duration: 8 week, 10-15 hours per week
Team: 3 students
How to apply? See information below.

The project initiated by the Atea is facilitated through The Innovation Effects learning and innovation program. In this program the students who participate are given the mandate to challenge the company, and present innovative ideas to solve the challenges that the company is facing. The goal of the program is to stimulate learning and co-creation between young creative minds and innovative companies. The project is paid, part-time with flexible work-hours and is compatible with full-time studies and other part-time jobs.

About the company and project:
Atea is the market leader in IT infrastructure for businesses and public-sector in Europe’s, Nordic and Baltic regions. They offer a full range of hardware and software solutions from the world’s top technology companies. In order to maintain their position as market leader, Atea wants to investigate the innovative advantages for two of their partners - Microsoft and HP Inc.

The student team will conduct market research to get a clear picture of the customers impression on how certain partners are positioned as innovative market players. The project goal is to develop strategic recommendations for 2019 based on key findings.

• Planning and execution of the project
• Market research of secondary data and qualitative research
• Business and strategy development
• Development of report with recommendations
• Presentation of results

We seek students with competence within one or more of the following disciplines:
• Market research
• Innovation
• Strategy and Business development

Application deadline: 11th of February

How to apply:
Firstly, make a profile on our webpage here.
Secondly, send your resumé and a short cover letter to Siv at with the subject field “Application for Atea Innovation Project”.

PS: We are recruiting continuously!