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  • Helleveien 30, 5045 Bergen

The business committee and the board

The Business Committee is one of the largest student organizations at the Norwegian School of Economics (NHH). The Business Committee was established in 1967 and its main purpose is to be a link between the students and the business world. Through a variety of activities and services the business committee arranges for the students at NHH to meet potential employers and get an overview of the job-opportunities available. The business committee has become a natural cooperator for companies in their recruitment of NHH-students.

The Business Committee consists today of 60 engaged members and a large alumni-network. The board consists of 8 positions that are set yearly through a student-election. The remaining members are split into different groups with different functions. The members have an important role in the projects and events that are held by the business committee. We are committed to high professional quality and to delivering services that simplify the companies' recruitment process.

Our services

As the link between the students at the Norwegian School of Economics and the companies we offer a broad specter of profiling opportunities aiming at the students. We offer company presentations, participation at the career fairs and the preparation of other activities, for example courses and workshops. We can also offer advertisement through the job search engine, newsletter and advertisement on other platforms.

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The board

  • Bilde avChristian Ziesler
    • Leder
    • Christian Ziesler

    • t: +47 991 17 313

    Har det overordnede ansvaret for Næringslivsutvalget, aktiviteter og NU-styret.

  • Bilde avFredrik Moracchioli Lura
    • Booking-ansvarlig
    • Fredrik Moracchioli Lura

    • t: +47 976 99 808

    Ansvarlig for booking av bedriftspresentasjoner ved NHH, samt oppfølging av bedrifter.

  • Bilde avErlend Solhaug Myklebust
    • Karrieredagsansvarlig
    • Erlend Solhaug Myklebust

    • t: +47 95001408

    Leder for Karrieredagene og Karrieredagsstyret.

  • Bilde avVidar Haugstad
    • IKT-ansvarlig
    • Vidar Haugstad

    • t: +47 97 57 34 75

    Ansvarlig for Næringslivsutvalgets IT-strategi og drift av nettløsningene.

  • Bilde avLars Strømmen
    • Øko/Nest-leder
    • Lars Strømmen

    • t: +47 90 20 38 14

    Nestleder for Næringslivsutvalget og ansvarlig for økonomi.

  • Bilde avBirgitte Flaaten
    • Presentasjonsansvarlig
    • Birgitte Flaaten

    • t: +47 45 48 47 00

    Har det overordnede ansvaret for gjennomføringen av bedriftspresentasjonene ved NHH.

  • Bilde avJorid Sofie Strandberg
    • Informasjonsansvarlig
    • Jorid Sofie Strandberg

    • t: +47 99 42 22 74

    Ansvarlig for profilering og informasjonsflyt, deriblant nyhetsbrev og annonsering.

  • Bilde avBrita Heradstveit Hestenes
    • HR-ansvarlig
    • Brita Heradstveit Hestenes

    • t: +47 90 12 81 16

    Ansvar for rekrutteringsprosessen og medlemmene i Næringslivsutvalget, og sosiale arrangementer.

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