ABN AMRO BANK N.V., Oslo Branch

Bank og Finans, Energi, Olje og gass, Shipping
6-20 ansatte
Olav Vs gate 5, 0161 Oslo, Østlandet
Geir Nedrelo
e: geir.nedrelo@no.abnamro.com

ABN AMRO Bank is the leading corporate bank in the Netherlands, one of the most stable economies within Europe, with leading positions in retail, private banking, corporate and merchant banking. The strategy is built around 3 pillars: energy transition, sustainability and digitalization. It has a transparent and client-driven business model, a moderate risk profile and a strong capital position and funding profile. ABN AMRO has a strong focus at cementing its corporate banking position in North West Europe. In addition ABN AMRO has an international growth strategy in Private Banking, asset based finance (Leasing & Factoring) and ABN AMRO Clearing. The bank is listed on the Amsterdam Stock Exchange and employs ca 20,000 people globally.

ABN AMRO has been represented in Norway since 1992. The loan portfolio to Norwegian clients is substantial and offer our clients a wide range of funding solutions. Our business in Oslo is centred around larger, professional clients, mostly in the Shipping & Offshore, Maritime and Energy sectors. We are a great team of professionals working from a central location @ Olav V’s gate 5, Oslo.