Bene Agere is a leading consulting company established in 2005. We collaborate with ambitious leaders and organizations to develop and operationalize strategies. We are working to ensure that our clients reach new heights by delivering significant and sustainable performance improvements.

Through our tailor-made approaches we orchestrate and support benefits realization within the most important improvement areas of our clients. Deliveries are often part of or entire large-scale business transformations, but are also delivered as stand-alone projects.

In 2018, we became a part of The Panoply – a new and larger group of European and international experts in digitalization. This gives us Bene Agere the opportunity to combine our strategy insights with the latest technology, providing even bigger impact for our clients.

Bene Agere is different from most other management consultancies in how we work together with our client organizations, allowing them to be a part of the whole transformation process from beginning to end. Bene Agere is not limited by industry or functional specialization; instead, we have a method-based approach that is proven to work across industry and functional boundaries.